Victoria Park Kids Have A Say

The Victoria Park Urban Tree Network wanted to get creative around greening their suburbs they called in the Kids. The one day workshop focused on what Kids thought were the most important issues – they mapped the issues to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and hey presto they used their ideas to set goals for the Urban Forest Strategy in the Town of Victoria Park.

What Kids said:

  • Help protect native animals
  • Get rid of waste from waterways
  • Increase trees
  • Plant bushes and plants with berries and seeds
  • Make a club to listen to kids and share good ideas
  • Help the poor people
  • Help encourage school’s to implement an understanding of SDG’s through education programs and sustainable building design

Thanks to the Australian Urban Design Research Centre the students had an opportunity to create a 3D model of their future suburb.

Their plans included:

  • high rise, shared spaces, units
  • underground and small spaces for cars
  • Trees and bushes, wall and rooftop gardens
  • Native animals
  • Places to relax, meet and play with the community to foster health and well being.

The city planners checked out their designs and calculated the tree canopy – all of them archieved a whopping 30% tree cover or more!

Exciting stuff. The young people presented their ideas to members of the Victoria Park Urban Tree Network, members of Council and other stakeholders.

The Kids team plan on encouraging other young people to get on board and have a say and will be sending out information about how to get involved in the coming weeks.